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Welcome to CDT HUB,
a bridge connecting the IT community and traditional industries

Whether you're an IT company looking to expand your reach, or a traditional business aiming to modernize your operations, we initiate collaborations that ensure mutual benefit and development. Join us today and become a part of the future of business.

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Traditional Industry

Elevate your business with IT solutions. Initiate digital transformation and stay competitive with modern companies leveraging IT processes and products, both domestically and internationally. CDT HUB offers you support in finding the right solution and partner.

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IT Industry

If you are an IT company aiming to expand your reach and enhance your business, collaborating with traditional companies could be the perfect solution for you. One of HUB's primary objectives is to connect IT sector companies with traditional industries to foster the development and implementation of new business solutions.

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Do you have an idea or are you developing a product? CDT HUB offers you support in finding your first customer, partner, or investor, as well as advisory services throughout all stages of your startup's development.

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CDT HUB coworking space is more than just a place; we are a community where entrepreneurs, freelancers, startup teams, IT companies, and corporations work and create together. 

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