Traditional Industry

Information technologies are an essential component of modern business operations. By implementing IT solutions into your business, your company can increase efficiency, enhance business agility, optimize production processes, reduce costs, improve service quality, and expand your customer base. With the rapid development of IT technologies, swift integration with traditional industries is inevitable to gain a competitive edge and meet the demands of the market. However, it's not just about technology; it's also about changing mindset, exploring new markets, engaging new customers, fostering innovation, and creating new revenue streams. 

Technological innovations are transforming traditional industries, enabling them to think outside the box and do things differently. CDT HUB assists you in developing a solution, or find an existing one,tailored to your specific needs or challenges. Serbia boasts a highly developed IT scene, part of our extensive network is represented by thousands of individuals, teams, as well as small, medium and large IT companies that can develop or offer the exact product you require. CDT HUB offers you a range of services: Innovation on demand, Hackathon, trainings, corporate innovation, event organization and innovation-as-a-service.


Is your company in need of a software solution for a specific requirement or challenge? CDT HUB finds the right solution for your firm within our network of IT companies and individuals. The solution could involve developing an entirely new software, improving an existing one, or identifying pre-existing software that suits your needs. Additionally, there's the possibility of investing in the software being developed.

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Innovation on Demand

Facing a disruptive business challenge? Looking for an innovative solution, but can't find the one that suits you? The expert team at CDT HUB offers you an innovation development service.

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Corporate Innovations

Integrate technological or IT innovations in any aspect of your business. CDT HUB offers support throughout the implementation process.

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